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Swiyyah Harrington. RN.

Swiyyah Harrington has been a registered nurse with Baby+Company since 2015. From the age of 14 she knew that she did not want to be anything else in the world except a midwife. She graduated from the City of Medicine Academy in Durham in 2006 and has been in healthcare ever since. She began her nursing career in 2014 in Cardiac Step-Down and quickly transitioned to pursue her dream in Labor and Delivery when the opportunity availed itself. Swiyyah is passionate about empowering women to achieve the birth that they desire. She also has a personal interest for educating and supporting women of low socioeconomic statuses to obtain optimal health and wellness during child bearing ages. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, cooking, and dancing. Swiyyah plans to begin Midwifery school in January 2017.

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