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Jocelyn Smith. Medical Assistant.

Jocelyn Smith is from New Haven, CT and a proud mother of three beautiful children who she adores. She began her journey in the healthcare field in December 2010 at the American Red Cross, completing both Phlebotomy and EKG training. After working a year as a phelebomist, Jocelyn felt she wanted to experience more and decided to continue her education at Lincoln Technical Institute in Hamden, CT. While there, she graduated and completed all training as a Medical Assistant. She began working as a Medical Assistant at Yale New Haven Hospital in a variety of specialties such as Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Podiatry, Endocrinology, and, her favorite, Women’s Health. Working in an OB/GYN setting gave her a warm, delighted feeling, for she was able to surround herself with other women who she could relate to and learn something new from each and every day. She loves working at Baby+Company for many reasons, especially because of the feeling she gets when she walks into the facility. Being at the birthing center brings her so much joy, and she thinks the midwives are incredible women (she calls them all “super MOMS” because they give that loving warm mama feeling in all interactions). She feels beyond lucky to meet and work with such an amazing team.

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