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Chelsea Smith. RN.

Chelsea Smith developed a deep passion for birth and caring as a young child growing up in rural North Dakota. Birth and caring were a prominent and natural part of her childhood experience that exposed her to the fearlessness, poise, and beauty of motherhood inherent to all in nature. With five and a half years of professional nursing experience, including orthopedics, trauma, critical care, and high risk labor and delivery, she is incredibly excited to be a part of the baby+co.(mmunity)! Midwifery care is her passion. She is rejuvenated by and enthusiastic about the opportunity and privilege to support mothers, families, and midwives within a community that is innovating the way women experience their own bodies and unique life processes.

Chelsea has birthed two children with the gentle care and support of these exceptional midwives. She enjoys hiking, exploring, and idle time with close family and friends. She loves long snowy winters, warm cozy sweaters, hot chocolate milk with cinnamon, and peonies.

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