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Damir's Birth Story

Ask Shameka Morgan what sustains her, and she’ll tell you that the two pillars of her life are faith and family. She credits both with helping her through her third labor and delivery, and her first at Baby+Company in Cary on October 27, 2015. Already mother to two sons and a daughter, Shameka and her husband relocated to North Carolina from Miami just a year ago. We chatted with Shameka about her experience on the big day of Damir’s birth.

Hi, Shameka! Thanks for talking with us today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 29 years old, and I’m a full-time homemaker and part-time business consultant. My oldest daughter, Skyla is four and I delivered her in a hospital, where I had an epidural for the pain. I don’t want to downplay the hospital route because it works for many people, but I didn’t have a great experience emotionally. It felt like they were just trying to get me in and out. When I was five months pregnant with my son, Dawson, I decided to try a birth center in Miami. That was a much better fit for me, so when I became pregnant again in Cary, I knew I wanted to deliver at a birth center.

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Was Baby+Company different from the birth center you went to in Miami?

The care was very similar, but my experience was much different because I started going to Baby+Company right after I found out I was pregnant. I was able to establish a great relationship with Jualeah, my midwife. She was very endearing and caring throughout the entire process, from my prenatal appointments to labor and delivery, and even afterward as well.

So, what was the big day like? What were you doing when you went into labor?

I was resting and praying. I don’t know if I’m just becoming a pro at this, but I had a feeling that the baby was going to come soon, so I was resting and waiting for it to start. Eventually, I fell asleep, and I slept on and off in between contractions. When the contractions were stronger, I called Baby+Company and they told me to come to the center. It was rainy and the sun was just starting to rise. My family came over to watch the kids, and my husband and I headed to Baby+Company.

How did things go once you got there?

It was very peaceful; no one else was there. I actually stayed in the water through all of Dawson’s labor and delivery, so I knew that was where I’d feel most comfortable. We filled up the tub, and my husband got in with me. He was my biggest supporter and he stayed with me the whole time, keeping me calm and whispering positive affirmations that I could do it and everything would be okay.

After about an hour, the contractions started getting really intense, which is what I had been praying for. I was in labor with my daughter for fourteen hours, and Dawson took seven hours to arrive. I had been praying that my third son would also be delivered in half the time – three and a half hours. Well, be careful what you pray for because even though my prayers were answered, going from one centimeter dilated to ten centimeters in such a short amount of time was pretty painful!

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How did you handle the pain?

My husband had put together a playlist for me because I love music, especially spiritual and inspirational worship songs. Listening to these songs helped me to stay at peace while I was laboring. Meditating and prayer were very important as well. It was such a spiritual experience for me. I did do some breathing techniques and although they were helpful, they aren’t always easy to do in the middle of a contraction!

Did you stay in the tub?

When the contractions were more painful, I moved to the shower, but most of my laboring was done on the bed. My husband held me in positions that were most comfortable, and he did everything the midwives suggested. I was almost out of energy, so I moved to the birthing stool for the last two minutes and that’s when Damir was born!

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How did you feel after the birth?

I was starving! Damir was very peaceful. He latched on well and everything went smoothly. We fell asleep in the bed for about two hours, and then sent my husband out for some food. It was really a seamless transition from labor and delivery to leaving Baby+Company.

Now he’s six months old, and he wants to be just like his big brother. He’s already standing and trying to walk. It’s a little overwhelming, but I know that with the help of God and my family, we have a wonderful future ahead of us.

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We’re so glad you let us be a part of your special day, Shameka. Best wishes to you and your little ones, and don’t forget to come visit!

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